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Capital Funds Campaign Update


Members of the Board of Directors, Tim Boyd, Wallace Rainey, and Mo Michel, decided to make our Capital Funds Campaign account go a little further. This past August they agreed to contribute enough sweat equity to completely rehab all but nine of the windows in the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library wing. Because of wood deterioration this included removing rotten wood, re-caulking most of the windows, replacing broken window panes, and then painting. Even though we found nine windows in such bad shape that we are having them replaced, the help of these three Board members saved over $9,000.

It is this level of dedication and support which has characterized our entire Capital Funds Campaign effort. Because of their work we have been able to stretch our money to not only complete the waterproofing of the library basement, but we were able to complete the campus and building security lighting project which has been one of our dreams for years.

As we are wrapping up the fourth year of the first major capital funds drive in our history, a special word of gratitude goes to all those who have made this capital funds campaign such a success. We still have about $80,000 remaining to be collected, but these last four years have proven it that can be done. We still have a few more projects to complete, but your efforts are transforming the Olcott campus.