The Theosophical Society in America


The Golden Link College


The Golden Link College is an evolving educational effort, which since 2002 has been providing a transformational education for less privileged children. Many in the theosophical world regard it as a rare jewel – a model of Theosophy in action. While addressing core academic subjects, the school also focuses on deeper issues of character building, integrity, and self confidence in an effort to develop students who will be agents of social and personal transformation.


The school was founded and is operated by the Theosophical Society and the Theosophical Order of Service in the Philippines. Because the Golden Link School seeks to assist the less privileged sectors of society, it does not derive its income from the tuition of its students. It is supported by the kindness and generosity of individuals and organizations who sponsor students for their tuition and fees, or who donate to the school in other ways. Currently the school serves children from preschool through high school.


kernhallThe Kern Hall is where they hold all their programs and events. This hall was built with the generous support of the Kern Foundation of the United States, whose advisor, John Kern, offered to match the donations to Golden Link raised by The Theosophical Order of Service USA under its President, Tim Boyd.

Theosophists from various parts of the world donated to the fund. This initiative of the Kern Foundation was inspired by an article written by Diana Dunningham Chapotin, International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service, based in France, after her visit to Golden Link in 2007.

To them we are deeply grateful!

Last March, 30 high school students graduated and the ceremony was held at the Kern Hall. Every one of them delivered their own speeches before the audience. Some unabashedly cried while speaking, especially when expressing their gratitude to their parents.