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The Quest for Meaning

Joy Mills


Joy Mills shares personal memories of her lifetime love affair with Theosophy. (60 minutes)





The Logos Doctrine


Emily Sellon

The Greek concept of the "Logos" plays an important part in Theosophical metaphysics.  

(2 CDs, 129 minutes)




Christian Gnosis 

A Fascinating Compendium of Creative Cosmology


C. W. Leadbeater


amethyst cluster

amethyst cluster



Etidorhpa: or the End of the Earth  

The Strange History of a Mysterious Being and the Account of a Remarkable Journey

John Uri Lloyd

The book purports to be a manuscript dictated by a strange being named I-Am-The-Man to a Llewyllyn Drury. Ideas presented in Etidorhpa include practical Alchemy, secret Masonic orders, the Hollow Earth theory and the concept of transcending the physical realm.


Virtual Classroom

You asked for it and we made it possible!   

Join our courses and study groups from home.  




 The Masters Speak:
 Teachings of Sri Madhava Ashish

 A Nine-Week Course, Wednesdays 10 AM

 With Sy Ginsburg 






Theosophical Study Center 

Wednesdays, 7-8 PM



The Mahatma Letters Study Group 

Thursdays 12:30-1:30 PM

With Jon Knebel 








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Healing With Your Voice and Music:  
Mini-Concert and Workshop

 Saturday, October 1, 1:30-4:30 PM  

With Darlene Koldenhoven


Discovering Inner Peace -Newly added

Saturday, October 15, 2011, 2-5 PM  

With Christina Samycia


The Art of Living a Spirit-filled Life 

Saturday, October 22, 9 AM-noon 

With Rosemary Hurwitz






Live Webcast   

A Theosophical View of    

Life After Death 

September 15, 7 PM 

With Dr. Pablo Sender



 Live Webcast 

Jung and the Future

September 22, 7 PM
With Richard Smoley




Your Voice, Music, and Healing 

September 29, 7 PM

With Darlene Koldenhoven








 Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong 

Mondays, 7-8:30 PM
With Ben Furman


Hatha Yoga 

Tuesdays, 7-8:15 PM.

Wednesdays,  7:30-8:15 AM

With Ellen Duff


Learning the Tarot

Tuesdays, 7-9 PM

With Vincent Pitisci





Essentials of Spiritual Practice    

Theosophical Applications to Daily Life

Tuesdays, 7-8:30 PM October 11-November 29 (8 sessions)


Today many people are experiencing a growing awareness about the difficulty of connecting their day-to-day living with their deepest spiritual needs. Even those who do have a regular spiritual practice often find that it is not balanced or complete. The teachings of Theosophy offer a wealth of approaches to the practice of spirituality in today's world. This class will focus on service, meditation, and study as practical applications of spiritual principles to promote a balanced unfoldment of our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. 

This course is facilitated by a team of Theosophical Society staff including Tim Boyd, Jim Bosco, Pablo Sender, Juliana Cesano, Ben Furman, and John Cianciosi.

$80 guests ~ $65 members ~ $12 per class 

Enrollment for the full course is encouraged!

To register please call 630-668-1571, ext. 315.






Many have hailed 2012 as a special year of unusual spiritual significance. The Florida Federation is celebrating 2012 with an equally special Convention at Sea and a program on shipboard led by Dr. Scott Olsen.

The cruise is three-days and four-nights on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ship, Liberty at Sea, departing from Ft. Lauderdale, March 8, 2012, and returning March 12. Its Port of Call is Cozumel, Mexico on March 10. Read more





For the last twenty years there has been a largely unnoticed shrine to Mother Mary about 50 yards beyond the west parking lot. It is situated in a dense grove of trees which with time has become overgrown with buckthorn and wild grape vines. Over the years a few devotees have regularly visited the shrine leaving flowers, prayer requests, and various offerings. Many of them have felt a strong presence of peace and blessing at the spot. During the years Mary has been there some things have changed. The ground had settled and she and her little shrine building were starting to lean to the right, and the undergrowth was closing in.  Read more





Open Mic Soirée

Enjoy an evening of music, comedy, and poetry, with tea, coffee, goodies, and games. September 24, 7-10 PM


Drama Troupe

Family-oriented radio plays and performance pieces designed and produced for various events. Thursdays at 5:15 PM


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"Without deep reflection one knows from daily life
that one exists for other people."

Albert Einstein


Cover photo by Juliana Cesano