February 2012


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International Theosophy Conferences


Mark Your Calendars!

 Plans and activities are rapidly developing for the International Theosophy Conferences  to be held at the TS in America Headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois, this year, August 9 to 12, 2012 under the theme "Karmic Cycles: Wheels of Spiritual Growth."


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  A Theosophical View of Life After Death 


 Pablo Sender


All serious spiritual traditions say that life continues after the death of the body.
(79 minutes)





Sex and Spirituality 


Ron Miller

Two competing Christian paradigms have influenced our views on sex. (93 minutes)



  The Left, the Right, and the Radically Unseen 

Gary Lachman


amethyst cluster

amethyst cluster


Visiting India, New Zealand & Singapore   

By Tim Boyd    


Just before Christmas I left for my first visit to our International Headquarters at Adyar in Chennai, India. I was there for the annual meeting of the General Council (the governing body of the TS composed of the General Secretaries/Presidents of National Sections and some appointed representatives), and for the Annual International Convention. Going to Adyar has something of the quality I imagine people feel who make the pilgrimage to Mecca. The Adyar campus is the place where for the past 130 years so much of the TS's history has been made. It was the home of HPB, Olcott, Besant, CWL, I.K. Taimni, Sri Ram and so many more. It is a beautiful 270 acre campus which the city of Chennai, with its almost five million people, has grown up around. Read more







Mainstreaming Theosophy
Webcast Talk: February 9, 7 PM

Workshop: February 11, 1:30 PM
With Vicente Hao Chin, Jr.






With Michael Gomes


With Adam Warcup






Workshop: March 3, 10 AM - 5 PM

With Paul Quinn







Inspired by the natural world, the Prairie School of DuPage will now share our space as it shares our values. They offer a rich curriculum that explores life around us, emphasizing the connectedness of all things. They are a pioneering K-3 home school cooperative in the process of becoming an independent school. They offer place-based education as a starting point to teach concepts in language arts, social studies, science, mathematics and other subjects across the curriculum. Read more


  VIRTUAL CLASS          



Tuesdays, March 6 - 27, 7:30 - 9 PM (Central Time)  

$90 (4 sessions)


It's been said a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, imagine for a moment how many words must be contained in these 78 pictured cards.
The capabilities of the symbolic illustrations of the Tarot is staggering. 

It seems to be as simple, and complicated as that. 

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Library News  

Over the years we find ourselves meeting "old friends", people we sense we have known in times long past. When that friendship has the added quality of being coworkers in a shared movement it can be a powerful thing. Marina Maestas, who among many other things, served as the head librarian at Olcott for the last ten years, left in December to live near her father. We want to thank her for the love and careful thought she put in every detail of her work. Her lovely spirit and incredible kind nature will be truly missed. 



Online Videos   

We are especially excited to announce a new online video program that originates directly from the library. The program has two segments: How I Became a Theosophist, and Featured Favorites of the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library. Check out these brief mini-interviews that celebrate the people and resources of The Theosophical Society in America!  





"Happiness is a timeless and undivided state which belongs  

not to the part, but to the whole."  

~ N. Sri Ram



Cover photo by Tim Boyd