The Theosophical Society in America

The Kern Foundation

Herbert KernThe Kern Foundation (KF) was established in 1959 by Herbert A. Kern, Sr., a major contributor to the Theosophical Society in America and Founder of its Endowment, the Theosophical Investment Trust, as a legacy bequest to create an independent foundation, managed by a bank trustee, with his two sons, John C. and Herbert A., Jr., as individual trustees. The basic objective of the KF “is to aid the spiritual enlightenment of as many people as practical by exposing them to the theosophical philosophy.” At the time of creating the KF Mr. Kern felt that one of the ways his aims could best be accomplished was by assisting theosophical organizations with special emphasis on dissemination of theosophical ideas through the written word and educational endeavors. Herbert Kern’s older son John was named as advisor to the Corporate Trustee for developing granting programs. Since the inception of the KF he has served as family advisor, encourager, and long time friend of the Society. His presence has been invaluable in challenging grant recipients to strive for excellence in all programs. KF encourages, but never dictates, recipient organizations' policy. John always acts as a supportive partner, encouraging new approaches to sharing theosophy, the KF then providing financial assistance for selected Theosophical activities at each organization provided grants. In recent years he has especially focused on use of the Internet and the addition of computer-savvy members to the National Center.

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