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Reincarnation in Christianity - TOC

Reincarnation in Christianity:
A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought

By Geddes MacGregor

© Copyright 1978 by Geddes MacGregor


I The Universal Appeal of Reincarnation

II Is Reincarnation Compatible With Christian Faith?

III Some Interpretative Considerations

IV Reincarnation in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Thought

V The Attack on Origen

VI Reincarnation in Western Literature

VII Which is the Self?

VIII Philosophical and Scientific Objections

IX Afterlife in the New Testament

X Reincarnation as Purgatory

XI Moral Evolution

XII Salvation, Providence, and Grace

XIII Consequences for Marriage and Other Relationships

XIV Communication with the Departed

XV Reincarnation and the War Between Mysticism and Faith

XVI A New Vision of the Afterlife

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