The Theosophical Society in America

President's Diary

February 2004

Betty Bland

Somehow the winter holidays tend to catapult us through time quicker than any other season of the year! Between end-of-year activities such as reports, budgeting, and grant applications, and those wonderful long weekends, there has been barely a breather.

We had a special event in early November—a visit from L.W. Rogers’ great-granddaughter, Kathy Hewitt. Kathy, who lives in Sacramento, California, has recently been trying to get in touch with her roots by seeking out information about her grandfather. After discovering the Theosophical Society in America website, she decided to make the pilgrimage to Wheaton while visiting her daughter who lives in Ohio. The two of them drove to Wheaton to see the grounds, the Society to which L.W. had been so devoted, and the main headquarters building that is named after him. The special archival exhibit of old letters and photographs of L.W. Rogers, set up by our archivist Glenda Gingras, intrigued Kathy and her daughter, and they enjoyed discovering their connections with the Society. They were unable to fill us in on much history about L.W., but they did direct us to Kathy’s great aunt, who remembers L.W. and was pleased to reminisce about him. The results of that interview will appear in a future issue of Quest.

The other notable event of this time period was the holiday staff party. The pictures speak for themselves, revealing a grand time of relaxed socializing and savoring a few of those ever so delicious extra calories that enhance such festivities. To quote our former president, John Algeo, “Without chocolate, there could be no enlightenment.” And I ask you: what good would enlightenment be if there were no chocolate?

Holiday Party
Photos by Jeff Gresko