The Theosophical Society in America

President's Diary

March - April 2004

Betty Bland

A good bit of time in March and April was spent on developing stated objectives for each of the departments in connection with their budgets. Although this does not sound like an exciting task, it is the beginning of providing better structure for our organization and enhanced coordination between departments—not to mention accountability and fiscal responsibility. We are reviewing all activities and projects to be sure they fully support the mission of the Society within our available budget. So as our world and culture change, we are constantly having to change our approach at headquarters in order to reach the broadest public and provide the best service to our members.

If you have noticed our need for a lighted driveway and parking between Quest Bookshop (the Mills Building) and the Rogers Building, you may be happy to know that nature has bumped that up on our priority list. A March storm brought in high winds that took out several trees, one of which landed across that drive, taking out all of the limited lighting we had in that area.

Therefore, since we have to replace that lighting anyway, we are upgrading it with uniform lampposts and underground wiring. Members who come to Olcott will have the opportunity to enjoy this “gift from Mother Nature.”

March also saw the arrival of fifteen eager participants for our Olcott Experience program which is designed to develop potential leaders for their local groups and to familiarize them with the staff and resources available to assist them. The full schedule of seminars, group projects, and information sharing keeps them busy but not so busy as to prevent fun and a real bonding of fellowship in the work—as evidenced by the pictures seen here

My husband, David, and I drove around the Michigan circuit in April, so that I could give talks to the several groups there on “Discovering the Secrets of Akasha,” “Brotherhood—One Person at a Time,” and “A Theosophical Perspective on Near Death Experiences.” I wish that I had pictures to share with you of the Detroit Lodge, the Ann Arbor Lodge, and the Lansing Study Center. Each one was special and unique in its own way. The Detroit Lodge is especially lucky to have a lovely meeting facility, the legacy of many dedicated members past and present.

We wound up the month of April with a surprise birthday party that David provided for me with the entire staff. My secretary Donna Wimberley took me down to the dining hall on a false pretense so that I was totally surprised by the birthday wishes, decorations and delicious cake and ice cream (calorie free, of course). David had also engaged our librarian assistant, Gary Belgarde, to create a sculpture of a fox lying down with a hen as a modern representation of peace. So my celebration of another year in this passing frame was marked by fun and a symbol for peace. May the coming year bring those qualities to all of us.

Olcott Experience
Photos by Jeff Gresko

Betty's Birthday

Olcott School