The Theosophical Society in America

President's Diary

May June 2005

Betty Bland

In May and June we wind down our regular public programming and gear up for board meetings and the summer sessions. As usual in the Chicago area, spring tiptoed up, brief and cool, then catapulted into blisteringly hot days and nights. Our grounds crew—headed by Mark Roemmich and including Jeff Gresko, Diana Cabigting, and volunteer Mary Ellen Foresta—valiantly braved the elements and manicured the grounds in preparation for our anticipated visitors.

End-of-year board reports and plans for the summer gathering kept the rest of us out of trouble during this time. We made many preparations to help participants feel that Olcott is their national center and spiritual home. Expectations began to build as one piece of the puzzle after another fell into place, and the crescendo continued as volunteer workers, board members, and participants arrived.

Board members

Diane Willis and Betty

In early May I gave a presentation to the Chicago chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies in Evanston, Illinois. Their president, Diane Willis, is also a member of the Theosophical Society and speaks quite enthusiastically about Theosophy and the Society. Our two organizations have a mutually supportive relationship, and my presence there provided a beneficial opportunity for outreach.

Since we advertised for the position of the supervisor of the Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT) department, I am pleased to announce that we hired Chris Stevens, a Young Theosophist with impressive systems maintenance and data management skills. He will manage the wide range of technologies we employ as well as help us prioritize and implement our many data needs. Here you see him pictured along with the rest of the IS/IT staff. Welcome, Chris!

Harry, Chris, and Eileen

Getting ready for summer sessions
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