The Theosophical Society in America

President's Diary

November - December 2005

Betty Bland

The Theosophical Publishing House has been in the spotlight with Ed Tick’s new book, War and the Soul. Ed gave a presentation and book signing at Olcott on November 10, prior to officially launching the book on the following day, Veterans Day. The book explores the pain and possibility of healing for war veterans. Ed’s primary focus has been on Vietnam but his message cuts across all military action. The book has generated a lot of attention and endorsements from Jan C. Scruggs (Viet Nam veteran), Founder, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Wall, Gary Ackerman, U.S. Congressman, Frank L. Houde, retired Lt. Colonel, U.S. air force, etc.

David’s and my traditional Thanksgiving pilgrimage to the family gathering in North Carolina provided me with the opportunity to visit with the newly resurrecting Charlotte Study Center. The potluck luncheon and presentation drew 25 people, many who were interested in learning more about the Theosophical Society. In addition to my speaking, Steve Nelson shared his astrological studies, which indicate that TSA is on the verge of a renaissance beginning April 1, 2006. I look forward to his being proven correct.

Winter snows arrived in early December this year and they seem to be planning to stay around until spring. I can vouch for the amount of work it takes to keep our walks and driveways cleared and safe. Although we have not canceled any activities yet, the weather has scared off all but a few hearty souls on an occasion or two.

It may be cold and snowy outside, but the hearth within Olcott is warm and celebrating the holiday season. The Staff enjoyed its annual holiday meal on December 14, with the sharing of small gifts, collecting toys for children in the Humanitarian Service Project, and a special storytelling session by Sharron Dorr, publishing manager for Quest Books. The following evening gave our local members and participants the opportunity to celebrate the season, honoring many different traditions, all of whom hold this winter solstice time sacred.

The year ended with our traditional participation in the worldwide Meditation for World Peace, on December 31st at 6:00 a.m. With every time zone scheduled to hold this event at the same time, a wave of thoughts for peace rippled around the planet during a 24-hour period just prior to the beginning of the New Year. The number of hearty souls who turned out for this event proves the deep care many have for the well being of our planet. May we all carry peace in our hearts now and throughout the rest of the year.