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The Four Noble Truths and the Three Universal Signs

Friday, August 16, 7:00 p.m.

The Four Noble Truths are the very core of early Buddhism and the central concept around which all the teachings of the Buddha revolve. The Three Universal Signs of impermanence (anicca), suffering (dukkha), and no-self (anatta), which are all observable empirical facts, lead up to and underpin the Four Noble Truths. Both ideas are the main drivers in developing the insight (vipassanā) that results in Enlightenment (Bodhi). Bhante Samahita will elucidate their history, explanation, and implications in detail.

Bhante Samahita was educated as a medical doctor at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, and became Associate Professor in Bioinformatics at the Technical University in Denmark, working with theoretical biology and artificial intelligence. He arrived in Sri Lanka in 2001, where he became fully ordained as a Bhikkhu in 2003. As a monk of the Theravada Araññavasin Forest Tradition, he has been living and meditating for the past 16 years alone in a remote mountain forest hermitage. His main philosophical interest is the convergence and congruence of ideas within Early Buddhism, Orthodox Quantum Physics, Einsteinian Relativity, Information Theory, and Thermodynamics.

$5 members, $10 nonmembers

You can also join Bhante Samahita on Saturday, August 17 for his retreat The Four Infinite and Divine Dwellings: Classic Meditation Objects Taught by the Buddha.



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