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A Study of The Divine Plan

John_Drauis_FIn this webinar, Rev. John H. Drais of Madre Grande Theosophical monastery will be teaching an online class concerning the first six chapters of The Divine Plan by Geoffrey Barborka.  The Divine Plan presents an exposition of the esoteric doctrines of Cosmogenesis from Volume I of The Secret Doctrine, analyzing and explaining all the terms used.  It is a commentary especially helpful for those who are considering reading The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky, or those who simply wish to read and gain a deeper understanding of its study.

The recommended donation is $25.  You can give more if you wish, but none will be turned away.  Proceeds will benefit the Madre Grande Monastery and its mission and the Theosophical Society in America.

Rev. John H. Drais has been a Theosophist since 1970 and has lectured on theosophical topics at San Diego City College, San Diego University of Humanistic Studies, University of California San Diego, Fullerton State University and San Diego State University, as well as at churches and other organizations. Several Theosophical publications bear his name as either author, contributor or editor.

Madre Grande is a Theosophical monastery for men and women of all faiths and cultural traditions. It is part of a religious corporation expressly established to make religion more Theosophical. Monks are not required to believe anything in particular. It is only necessary that they follow a positive path to spiritual fulfillment.  More at .

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