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Astral Temples and Dream Time in Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt was a magical culture steeped in practical spirituality—what moderns may understand as metaphysics, or the science of spiritual unfoldment.This online class offers an ancient Egyptian perspective on dreams and tapping into the various levels of consciousness beyond ordinary perceptions of reality.

By delving into inner and outer planes of existence, including the Akhet and Duat, Normandi parses out the difference between states of awareness (shadow and light) and what has been erroneously defined as heaven and hell.  In exploring the nine spiritual bodies articulated in her book Dream of Isis, she shows how these astral bodies operate in dreams, altered states, shamanic flight, spirit communication and astral congress.

Normandi Ellis, award winning author, has 9 works of fiction and nonfiction, including 3 within the last year-- Imagining the World into Existence: An Ancient Egyptian Manual of Consciousness, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling, and her collected short stories, Going West. With Shamanic Journeys, she leads sacred travel to Egypt and offers Egyptian Mysteries retreats at PenHouse Retreat Center in Kentucky.

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