The Theosophical Society in America

The Tao of It

From an interpretation of the Tao Te Ching

by S.J. "Peaceman" McGuire

Originally printed in the Fall 2010 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: McGuire,S.J.. "The Tao of It." Quest  98. 4 (Fall 2010): 147-150.

1. it is

how can i explain it?

it goes beyond saying

it just is

it has been here all along

it is now

this is it

here is it

it is all around us

it is everywhere

it is everything

it is all there is

it is all it

it cannot be named

it is the name

consider it

it is even that which is not

it was even that which was not

it makes you wonder

that's about it


2. it is both

it is more than that

it is this and that

it is now and then

it is here and after

it is more or less

it is all or nothing

it is off and on

it is neither and both

it is either or

it rises and sets

it becomes what it is not

it knows what it needs to do

it is doing it

it comes and goes

it follows itself

it is one to the other

it is over when it's over

now you see it now you don't

it is not for us to say

it is as it does

it keeps on doing it

here it comes again


3. it's self

it's proof

it is self-evident

it is self-actuating

it happens all the time

there it is 'cause here it is

now it is this

keep it in perspective

think it over

let it go

it is not of us

it is us

we are not it

we are of it

let it be

it will come

it knows itself

it works itself out


4. it's all it ever was

same as it ever was

all it could ever be

as much as it needs

it's even where it's not

it's endless

it's beginningless

it's timeless

it doesn't matter where it comes from

don't dwell on it

it dwells in you

count on it


8. let it

it flows

it settles

it's self-leveling

it's happy where it is

it knows where to go

keep it connected

keep close with it

be fair about it

be generous with it

don't try to possess it

don't try to control it

don't try to own it

it's not for you to decide

it's for you to see

enjoy it

be good with it

be happy with it

it is working out for you

revel in it

it rests at your feet


10. as it may

can you do it?

will you do it?

how will it be for you?

will you allow it?

remember to remember it

let it happen

it's happening

go along with it

lift yourself up by it

take care of it

take care with it

watch and see how it goes

do it just because

don't take credit for it


18. it's like it knows what it's doing

is it any wonder?

it takes itself

it takes what it needs

it provides for itself

it has a way about it

it was so that it can be

it is so that it will be

it prepares for itself

it's self perpetuating

it's on purpose

it's self fulfilling

it pauses so it may resume


22. let it come to you

go through it

make way for it

have room for it

give in to it

be still for it

do it

save space for it

it's not for display

it's nothing to brag about

it shines

it speaks

it reveals itsself

how does it work?

it works its way

it validates itself

give it and it's yours

live it and you've got it

be it and it's you


25. it's the force behind the force

Jesus talked about it

Mohammad referred to it

in the beginning there was it

it was here before

it always was forever

it's calm and quiet

it's not

it begat it

it has been referred to as tao

it's not its real name

it flows throughout itself

it penetrates us

it binds us together

we are about it

it's great

its song is great

its word is great

it comes around to it

it is the gravity

it follows that it leads

it comes to this

it's before us

we ride upon it


26. rest in its might

it is where it comes from

we are from it

it's always the way

you must put it down to pick it up

you must step over it to get to it

why look for it beyond it

admire it from here

you have to let go of it to reach for it

don't you get it?

it's instinctual

you know it right now


33. it's all there within you

it's not about who or what

it's how

know it yourself

you master it as it masters you

having it is everything

with it there is you everlasting

it is to be embraced

it's enough is enough

it's to your heart's desire

it's what you've always wanted

it's from now on


37. all by itself

i didn't start it

it just got that way

it was already like that

if only we would do it

we could do it

it happens

it's all because of it

who feels it knows it

it is what's happening

it's how things get done

if we could just get it through our thick skulls

it's nothing to worry about

just like it is


46. there's no fear in it

take it to the limit

it's that we are safe

it's only scary without it

it's got your back

it's great when you've got it

it's a shame when we forget

danger has a way with it

it is nothing to be afraid of

try not to freak out over it

it's like being some kind of super hero

it's full on

live it

see through to it

it's the real deal


47. it doesn't take much

it's where it's at

to see it you need only to look at it

it's what you need for now

it's all you need to do it

it's effortless

it's where you find it

its less is more

it's where you put it

it's more already

it's there with you

it's a done deal

it's whether or not

it is anyway

as well it should be