The Theosophical Society in America

Preparing for Dreams

By Marie Otte

Originally printed in the NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2007 issue of Quest magazine. 
Citation: Otte, Marie. "Preparing for Dreams." Quest  95.6 (NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2007): 226-227.

Marie Otte

Have you ever used your dreams as a form of divination? Dream incubations can help solve problems, answer questions, and give inspiration to the dreamer. Astrology has a major impact on the conscious and unconscious. Implementing incubations based on where the moon is located in the zodiac, is a wonderful way to induce nightly dreams.
The moon orbits through the zodiac in about twenty-seven days and spends approximately two days in each zodiacal sign. Void of course occurs when the moon is changing from one sign to the next. This heavenly body focuses on emotions, feelings, mother, child, and the unconscious to name a few. Let us focus on the emotional aspect.
Nightly dreams can bring up feelings that have been suppressed in the daytime. The sign that the moon is in can influence our dreams as well as transits, progressions, planets, and the natal chart. To begin with, focus on the moon in one sign of the zodiac.
The date and time that the moon is in a zodiacal sign can be located in some standard calendars, all astrological calendars, and ephemerides. Note the qualities of the archetype for that sign. Consider the challenge you are experiencing in relation to the zodiacal sign, and then form a question to help promote a dream solution. The following are examples:
Aries is impulsive, assertive, self-centered, and impatient. Problem: Things seem to be moving slowly at work. Moon in Aries incubation: Why am I impatient waiting for things to develop? Dream results: dream of preparing guidelines for efficiency at work.
Taurus is Mother Earth, sensual, finances, and possessions. Problem: Not having enough money for home improvements. Moon in Taurus incubation: How can I generate money for the kitchen's renovation? Dream results: dream of cutting back in your budget and then putting that money in a savings account.
Gemini is duality, communication, knowledge, and curiosity. Problem: A project is near completion but you cannot seem to find the final component. Moon in Gemini incubation: What do I need to complete my venture? Dream results: dream of using a different computer format to pull things together.
Cancer is feeling, maternal, romantic, sensitive, and protective. Problem: Your child is having challenges making friends at school. Moon in Cancer incubation: How can I be more nurturing to my child? Dream results: dream of talking to your child about friendships while you are both fishing.
Leo is creative, self-expressive, proud and courageous. Problem: You feel the need to express yourself but you are not sure how. Moon in Leo incubation: Would learning to paint or play a musical instrument be more creative for me? Dream results: dream of playing a piano.
Virgo seeks perfection, is analytical, orderly, and reliable. Problem: You are concerned with things that others do not find important. Moon in Virgo incubation: How can I release worrisome thoughts? Dream results: dream of releasing butterflies from a net.
Libra is beauty, harmony, peace, art, and partnerships. Problem: You are at odds with your business partner. Moon in Libra incubation: How can I apply balance to my work? Dream results: dream of you and your partner writing solutions on a chalk board.
Scorpio is penetrating, regenerative, private, transformative, and sexual. Problem: You are experiencing power struggles with your spouse. Moon in Scorpio incubation: Why do I always have to be in control? Dream results: dream that you and your spouse are taking different paths while climbing up a mountain. Eventually, you both reach the top at the same time.
Sagittarius is a wanderer, philosophical, confident, and expansive. Problem: Friends are challenging your firm beliefs. Moon in Sagittarius incubation: Why do I take my convictions so seriously? Dream results: dream that you are riding a horse and reaching your destination.
Capricorn is responsible, serious, and self-controlled. Problem: Your coworkers find you too efficient. Moon in Capricorn incubation: Why do I take things so seriously? Dream results: Dream that you forget to do something and a coworker completes the task.
Aquarius is a group leader, reformer, humanitarian, scientific, and different. Problem: Your family accuses you of being aloof. Moon in Aquarius incubation: Why do I have trouble sharing my feelings in close relationships? Dream results: dream that you are a leading a group and see your family in the audience.
Pisces is spiritual, sacrificing, altruistic, intuitive, and transcending. Problem: You would like to volunteer and help others, but you do not know in what manner. Moon in Pisces incubation: Would I be able to focus on the burdens and joys of others by helping out at a homeless shelter or food pantry? Dream results: dream of working in a grocery store.
Before retiring, write down the date, moon's location and your question in a dream journal next to the bed. Keep them close by so you can jot down your dreams upon awakening and before getting out of bed. Focus on your incubation as you drift off to sleep. Take your dreams to a different level and enjoy this form of divine guidance.

Marie Otte is a writer and holds a degree from Northern Illinois University in music education and has been doing dream work for eight years. Her work has appeared in a local literary group publication and The Quest. Marie a member of the TS and also volunteers at the Theosophical Society Headquarters. She is also a member of The International Society for Astrological Research and Friends of Astrology.