The Theosophical Society in America


The teachings of modern Theosophy cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from the manifestation of the universe and the development of life on our planet, to the ultimate aim of human life and the way to fulfill this purpose.

In this section we are providing some of the material we offer under online resources, classified by subjects, to assist you in your exploration of Theosophy. For a general introduction to what Theosophy is click here. You can also watch the Living Theosophy series that explore basic Theosophical topics.

If you want to learn about the Theosophical Society's objects, mission, and philosophy, click here.

search_for_truthThe Search for Truth

What is Truth? Can it be granted to us by somebody or its discovery depends on us? Find in this section material discussing topics such as the different kinds of knowledge, the various faculties of perception available to human beings, and the attitude needed for the discovery of Truth.



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The Theosophical view, without dictating how people should live, offers a deep view of the purpose of life and the nature of human beings that can constitute a firm foundation for people's way of living. What is the origin of evil? What is the role of suffering? What is right living? Explore these and many other similar questions in this section.


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ethicsSpiritual Practice  

The teachings of Theosophy offer a wealth of approaches about the spiritual life that are particularly relevant in today's world. In this section you will find material exploring the practical application of spiritual principles geared towards promoting a balanced and holistic unfoldment of our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.


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Meditation is an important aspect of the spiritual practice. Although the Theosophical approach refrains from promoting any particular system of meditation for all people to follow, a wealth of teachings about meditation can be found in the Theosophical literature. In this section we offer some of the suggestions recommended.


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handflowerHuman Dimensions

25 centuries ago the Delphic oracle advised the inquirer "Know Thyself." Today, this knowledge is as necessary as ever. Explore in this section questions such as Who are we? Are we limited to our body, emotions and mind, or there is a higher nature in us? Is there any permanent element in human beings that survives death?


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universeUniversal Laws

What is the purpose of Life? What happens when we die? Do we come back? The Theosophical teachings postulate the Human Soul is a pilgrim in a plan of Spiritual Evolution. This journey is accomplished through a cycle of Reincarnation, and regulated universal laws as that of Karma, Dharma, the Law of Periodicity, etc.


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tibetMasters, Gurus and Disciples

The Theosophical Society was the first organization in modern times to introduce the concept of the Masters of the Wisdom (also called Adepts or Mahatmas) to the West, which differs in very important aspects to the New Age idea of the Ascended Masters. Explore the Theosophical teachings about this very interesting and inspiring subject.


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