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Meditation is an important aspect of the spiritual practice. Although the Theosophical approach refrains from promoting any particular system of meditation for all people to follow, a wealth of teachings about meditation can be found in the Theosophical literature. In this section we offer some of the suggestions recommended.


 Note: The links are listed alphabetically by the author's name, and not according to any particular sequence.


1- Online Articles

Silence by Mary Anderson

Meditation Is Not What You Think by Ed Abdill

Nothingness by Radha Burnier

The Art of Simply Being by Sue Prescott

The Meditation of Action by Josephine Ransom

The Theosophical Path of Meditation by Pablo D. Sender

Some Interesting Aspects of Meditation by I. K Taimni

The Art of Meditation by The Theosophical Society in America

The Placid Lake of the Mind by Helen V. Zahara


2- Online Audios

Meditation: A Way of Knowing by Dorothy Abbenhouse

The Basis of Meditation by Radha Bunier

Meditation as Part of Life by Dora Kunz

The Science of Meditation Part 1 and Part 2 by Rohit Mehta

Meditation: A Way of Life by Seetha Neelakanta

How to Meditate by N. Sri Ram


3- Online Videos

Wings of the Soul by Clara Codd

How to Meditate by The Theosophical Society in America



4- Borrow from the H. S. Olcott Memorial Library

a) Books

Codd, Clara, Meditation: Its Practice and Results, c1930, 94 pages.
A mystical and practical approach to meditation offering not only the technique but also the preparation that needs to be established in our daily life. It discusses such topics as the goal of meditation, its procedure, obstacles encountered, and results of the practice.
T C648 MPR (Mini)

Gardner, Adelaide, Meditation: A Practical Study with Exercises, 1968, 116 pages.
In a comfortable and easy approach, this guide focuses on the naturalness of the meditative state of consciousness and its usefulness. Practical exercises are included to guide us through proper meditative procedures.
T G171 MPS

Hanson, Virginia, Approaches to Meditation, 1973, 147 pages.
A collection of essays about different approaches to meditation in different traditions such as the Theosophical, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian, written by renowned Theosophical and Buddhist teachers.
T H198 AM

Hao Chin, Vicente, Why Meditate? 1985, 55 pages.
What is the true purpose and nature of the practice of meditation? This book helps the reader choose a particular technique suitable to his/her personal disposition.
242 Hao WM

Hao Chin, Vicente, Self-Discovery through Meditation, 1974, 103 pages.
A collection of papers in which nine authors and lecturers explain in clear language the objectives and function of meditation. This book contains preparatory techniques and guidelines for the practice of meditation.
242 Hao SDM

Mehta, Rohit, The Science of Meditation, c1978, 199 pages.
The theme of meditation is discussed from a purely practical point of view, in terms of the three main constituents in man, namely the brain, the habit mechanism, and the mind. It also discusses the awakening of Kundalini in a natural and spontaneous way, with no dangers involved as is done in Hatha Yoga techniques.
T M474 SM

Slater, Victor Wallace, Raja Yoga: A Simplified and Practical Course, 1968, 105 pages.
A practical ten-month course based on the famous meditation system presented by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, it includes topics such as right behavior, breathing exercises, postures, work with the senses, and different techniques of concentration, meditation, and contemplation.
T Sl15 RY

Wood, Ernest, Concentration: An Approach to Meditation, 1968, 154 pages.
A practical six months’ course to develop concentration, both during the exercises and in daily life. It includes a supplement exploring different methods of meditation and the obstacles the practitioner usually encounters.
T W85 C 1968


b) Audios

Burnier, Radha, The Value of Meditation, AR 4648

Mehta, Rohit, The Science of Meditation, CDA 0229


c) Videos

Algeo, John, H.P. Blavatsky's Diagram of Meditation, VR 0749

Krishnamurti, Jiddu, Meditation, VR 1212