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The teachings of Theosophy offer a wealth of approaches about the spiritual life that are particularly relevant in today's world. In this section you will find material exploring the practical application of spiritual principles geared towards promoting a balanced and holistic unfoldment of our emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.


Note: The links are listed alphabetically by the author's name, and not according to any particular sequence.


1- Online Articles

The Secret Gateway by Ed Abdill

The Meaning and Method of the Spiritual Life by Annie Besant

Climbing Trees and Initiations by Betty Bland

Paying Attention by Betty Bland

A Valuable Lesson by H. P. Blavatsky

Spiritual Progress by H. P. Blavatsky


Delight as a Form of Yoga by Radha Burnier

The Middle Way by Radha Burnier

In Tune with the Universe by Radha Burnier


Clear Vision and Sane Living by Radha Burnier

Gentle Thoughts and a Gentle World by Radha Burnier

The Golden Stairs: A Commentary by Sidney A. Cook


Parenting and Spirituality: Can There Be Harmony? by Barbara B. Hebert

The Science of Spirituality by Ianthe Hoskins

The Raging of the Storm by Rohit Mehta


The Human Journey: Quest for Self-Transformation by Joy Mills

Seek Out the Way by Joy Mills

Rediscovering Our Lost Chord by Linda Oliveira

The Paradox of Grace and Self-Reliant Effort by I. K. Taimni

Spiritual Life and Perception by I. K. Taimni

Yoga: A Theosophical Perspective by The Theosophical Society in America


2- Online Audios

The Secret Gateway by Ed Abdill

Look for the Warrior by John Algeo

The Middle Way by Radha Burnier

Finding Deep Joy by Robert Ellwood

Attaining the Kingdom of Heaven by Geoffrey Hodson

Psychedelic and Yogic Pathways to Reality by Geoffrey Hodson

Out of the Silence by Ianthe Hoskins

The Eye of the Storm by Joy Mills

The Strength of Gentle Wisdom by Joy Mills

Theosophy and the Quest for Meaning by Joy Mills

Weaving the Fabric Glorious by Joy Mills


3- Online Videos

The Secret Gateway by Ed Abdill

Self-Transformation and the Future of Religion by Radha Burnier

Vegetarianism and Spirituality by Pat Davis

Seek Out the Way by Joy Mills

The Strength of Gentle Wisdom by Joy Mills

Developing Spiritual Wisdom by Pablo Sender

The Yoga of Theosophy by Pablo Sender



4- Borrow from the H. S. Olcott Memorial Library

a) Books

Besant, Annie, From the Outer Court to the Inner Sanctum, c1983, 158 pages.
Using the metaphor of a Temple as the goal of human evolution, the author describes the phases of preparation essential to entrance into the Inner Sanctum as well as the way of initiation to be trodden once there.
T B463 FOC (Mini)

Burnier, Radha, No Other Path to Go, c1985, 87 pages.
According to the Upanishads the spiritual path is like “the sharp edge of a razor, difficult to cross and hard to tread.” This book describes the nature of the path and the pitfalls encountered thereon.
T B935 NOP (Mini)

Burnier, Radha, The Way of Self-Knowledge, 1980, 31 pages.
Self-knowledge is necessary for every aspirant in the spiritual life if it will lead to wisdom and unity. The author explores how to work with the psychological aspect of our nature in order to awaken spiritual perception.
T B935 WSK

Codd, Clara, The Technique of the Spiritual Life, 1985, 125 pages.
Codd describes preparation for the spiritual journey, purification and training of the body, emotions and mind, and explains the actual treading of the Path and its method.
T C648 TSL

Cooper, Irving S., Methods of Psychic Development, 1923, 113 pages.
A serious and complete outline of the subject, examining the different levels of psychic abilities, their place in human evolution, the dangers and potentialities of methods usually advised to develop them, and the safe path towards an integral evolution of the inner man.
T C785 MPD 1923 (Mini)

Hao Chin, Vicente, The Process of Self-Transformation: Mastery of the Self and Awakening of our Higher Potentials, c2003, 260 pages.
Using awareness as its basic tool, this book details procedures to handle psychological conflicts like fears, depression, worries and stress, conflicts which could prevent ones capacity to live more fully as well as to deepen ones spiritual practice.
T H199 PST

Hodson, Geoffrey, The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights, 1991, 278 pages.
A collection of articles on different yoga traditions, including the ancient and modern pathways to self-enlightenment that lead to discipleship and initiation.

Mehta, Rohit, The Fullness of the Void: The Yoga of Theosophy - The Transcendental Wisdom, 1982, 226 pages.
A study based on the teachings found in H. P. Blavatsky’s Voice of the Silence, this book deals in detail with what the author calls “the Yoga of Theosophy”, the mystical side of the theosophical teachings.
T M474 FOV

Taimni, I. K., Self-Culture in the Light of the Ancient Wisdom, 2005, 304 pages.
Taimni expounds upon the way to self-discovery based on a profound understanding of man’s relationship with the universe and his ultimate destiny. The author explains the application of natural laws to the problem of human evolution and deals with the problem of self-discipline.
T T136SC 2005

Wood, Ernest, Taking Charge of Your Life, 1985, 129 pages.
Written in an enjoyable and straightforward manner, the author outlines a program for selfdevelopment, with steps that are structured so that readers can systematically work on themselves to build character and develop hidden potential.
T W85 TC

b) Audios

Burnier, Radha, Raja Yoga, CDA 0143

Hodson, Geoffrey, Yoga: Man's Way to Power and Knowledge, CDA 0317

Mehta, Rohit, Yoga and the Path of Self Realization, CDA 0307

Mills, Joy, Walking the Path to Wisdom, CDA 0354-13

Sellon, Emily B., The Process of Self Transformation, CDA 0268


c) Videos

Abdill, Edward, Awakening the Inner Self, VR 1158

Burnier, Radha, Self-Transformation and the Future of Religion, VR 0824

Burnier, Radha, The Way of Wisdom, VR 1217 pt.1-2

Burnier, Radha, The Yoga of Knowledge, Devotion, and Action, VR 0979 v.1