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The Search for Truth

The Search for Truth

search_for_truthThe Search for Truth

What is Truth? Can it be granted to us by somebody or its discovery depends on us? Find in this section material discussing topics such as the different kinds of knowledge, the various faculties of perception available to human beings, and the attitude needed for the discovery of Truth.




Note: The links are listed alphabetically by the author's name, and not according to any particular sequence.


1- Online Articles

Awakening the Inner Self by Edward Abdill

The Value of Uncertainty by Sri Madhava Ashish

Revelation, Inspiration, Observation by Annie Besant

What Is Truth? by Betty Bland

Walking Without Crutches by Radha Burnier

The Non-Existent Princes: That Which Ought to Be Known by Joy Mills

Seek Out the Way by Joy Mills

The Vitality of Living Truth by Joy Mills

The Intuition: Knowledge by Fusion by Shirley Nicholson

Purpose beyond Reason by Hugh Shearman


2- Online Audios

Awakening the Inner Self by Ed Abdill

Theosophy of the Invisible and the Intangible by Rohit Mehta

The Vitality of Living Truth by Joy Mills

That Which Ought To Be Known by Joy Mills

Imagination and Reality by N. Sri Ram


3- Online Videos

Revelation, the Timeless Flash by Ed Abdill

Knowledge and Wisdom by David Bruce