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How to Study Theosophy

How to Study Theosophy

Our librarian, Marina Maestas, interviewed Pablo Sender about how to study Theosophical literature.

Below, you can find links to the audio portion of each question and answer (MP3 files). To download the audio file, right click on the link "Listen audio," and select "Save link as...." Then select "My Documents" folder and click on "Save."

1- Study in a practical, theosophical context. Listen audio 3:17 min.

2- Some methods we can use to approach various kinds of theosophical literature. Listen audio 4:06 min.

3- Discussion about a quote from HPB describing how to approach our studies. Listen audio 2:37 min.

4- Discussion about a quote from The Secret Doctrine about accessing intuitive faculties through study. Listen audio 2:13 min.

5- Background or environmental aspects of study practices. Listen audio 1:45 min.

6- Discussion about a quote from The Secret Doctrine about the nature of esoteric truth. Listen audio 5:16 min.

7- Studying with a group vs. studying by oneself. Listen audio 1:46 min.

8- Internet activity and study. Listen audio 3:13 min.

9- Some study practices. Listen audio 4:22 min.

10- Varying study practices for various books like the Mahatma Letters and The Voice of the Silence. Listen audio 2:40 min.