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Theosophical Order of Service (TOS)

A union of those who love in the service of all that suffers.

Theosophical Order of ServiceThe TOS-USA is part of an international organization that encourages inter-active participation by its members and the public in service projects to relieve suffering wherever it is found. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our members serve by working individually or through local TOS groups to alleviate suffering in their local areas. We join with other TOS groups world-wide to help with humanitarian projects internationally, and we support the programs of others working in our service areas of ecology, healing, peace, family, social services, animals, arts and music. Membership in the TOS is automatic for members of the Theosophical Society in America (TSA) who wish to participate. Non TSA members may join simply by donating to the TOS.

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For the Love of Life

Our TOS journal For the Love of Life, published annually, contains interesting service related articles and is mailed to all TSA and TOS members.


Our quarterly e-Newsletter, features information about our projects, current news and events and service ideas for individuals or local TOS groups. Sign up here to receive our e-Newsletter!

Theosophical Order of Service (TOS International)

The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) was founded in 1908 to provide a framework in which people can engage in creative, practical and humanitarian action in a theosophical spirit. It offers opportunities for participation in activities promoting the First Object of the Theosophical Society: "To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour."

For the past 100+ years the focus of the TOS has been service and social reform. In countries around the world, people who have a sense of the oneness of all life and who are motivated to active demonstration of the Society's first object have come together to work toward the alleviation of suffering. As an international organization, service projects vary from country to country.

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TOS International e-Newsletter

TOS Intouch


The TOS international offers a quarterly e-newsletter, TOS Intouch.Online, which reports on the richly varied service work of theosophists around the world. It offers ideas that may inspire and energize you in your own personal or group service initiatives and interesting articles on service related topics. Sign up here to receive our e-Newsletter!



On Root Causes and Symptoms

Many reform programs address the symptoms of social problems. Thus, the effects of the reforms do not last long because the root causes remain. In this talk, Vicente Hao Chin, Jr. outlines five principles through which efforts to undertake reforms will address the deeper causes of societal problems. Produced by the Theosophical Order of Service. 2007.   

The Golden Link College


The Golden Link College (GLC) is an evolving educational effort, which since 2002 has been providing a transformational education for less privileged children. Many in the theosophical world regard it as a rare jewel – a model of Theosophy in action. While addressing core academic subjects, the school also focuses on deeper issues of character building, integrity, and self confidence in an effort to develop students who will be agents of social and personal transformation.

The school was founded and is operated by the Theosophical Society and the Theosophical Order of Service in the Philippines. The school now offers classes from the primary to the tertiary level. In addition, the teaching medium at the GLC is English as knowledge of the English language is considered essential for many in today's world. The GLC has one of the higher academic standards for schools in its area.

The GLC and its sister schools are mostly subsidized because they were primarily established to serve the less privileged. Eighty percent of the students are on scholarship. GLC is supported by the kindness and generosity of individuals and organizations who sponsor students for their tuition and fees, or who donate to the school in other ways.


The Kern Hall, where programs and events are held, was named for John Kern, the advisor to the Kern Foundation in the United States. Since 2009 the Kern Foundation has matched donations to the GLC raised by the TOS up to $20,000 per year.

Theosophists from various parts of the world have donated to the GLC fund. This initiative of the Kern Foundation was inspired by an article written by Diana Dunningham Chapotin, former International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service after her visit to Golden Link in 2007.

To them we are deeply grateful!

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